The First

Day of 2011 was hot, sticky sweaty, and break of dawn long…it began early and set with the sun over the dark green jungla of Northern Guatemala.

To blog or not to blog.  To BLOG! 2011 will involve travel, good conversation, sore feet, and hella thumbs up.  Every day (until March), and every other day and every other few days for the rest of it, will be my 2011 blog.  Shoot me an email to stay real personal, and I’ll be sure to get back to you on Julie time:

The plan:

Dec 2010-Jan 2011: Guatemala Jungla Trekking, Tree Climbing, and Mayan Ruin Explorationing with Blake, Vince, and Jim.  Deer Crossing Camp initiated our friendships 10 years ago.

Jan 2011: California family and friend loving between the bay and Davis.

Jan 2011-Mar 2011: Unschool Adventures South America with Blake! (Argentina, Chile, Peru!) Check it:

Mar 2011-May 2011: Solo exploration of more of S.A.  The plan: Patagonia, Chile, Bolivia, Peru.  Backpacking and adventuring and whatnot.

2011 potentially has to offer:

May 2011-Sep 2011: Continuation of the sweet sweet sunny endless summer.  A seasonal job, outdoors, somewhere.

Sep 2011-Oct 2011: California backpacking.  High Sierra Route is on the to do list.

Oct 2011-?: Hopefully the Unschool Adventures New Zealand Outdoor Enthusiast Trip. Or taking up the one time only, 1 year work VISA before I’m 29 years old, in New Zealand.

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